Teach Your World to Serve You

Aztrana is a Swiss artificial intelligence company that aims to personalize the entire world by teaching it how to understand and serve you. Any app you use, every device you interact with, and whichever environment you enter should adapt to your needs.


Meet Ambit the OS for Your Life

We can't teach you everything in the world but through Ambit, you can teach the world everything about you. Unify your life, apps and devices in one intelligent platform for the first time and watch our AI personalize the world around you by bringing you the right content and experiences wherever you go. Stop searching. Let what you need find you!


Swiss Roots

As a Swiss company, Aztrana operates outside of all foreign juridictions and takes advantage of some the most powerful privacy and security regulations in the world to protect you.


GDPR Compliant

The European General Data Protection Regulation is the most important change in 
data privacy regulation in 20 years and Aztrana is proud to be fully compliant from day one.


End-to-End for Life

All of Aztrana's products are E2E encrypted, open source, always in your hands and under your control. Don't trust us, trust the math.


&!?% the Status Quo

Aztrana features a talented team from around the world. Our vision is our deepest passion and our diversity is our greatest strength. Live beyond today. Come build tomorrow.

Frontend Engineer


• Experience building web components with front-end frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue, or Polymer
• Experience with A/B testing in UI
• Experimental and creative by nature towards new UI design strategies.


• Implement UI designs for use in web and mobile applications.
• Organize a modular library of cross-platform UI components.
• Interpret findings from user data to improve UI and UX
• Implement Continuous Delivery system.

Database Engineer


• Experience managing highly scalable database engines.
• Experience with sharding, federation, read-replicas, and scheduled backups.
• Deep understanding of the benefits of different database engines and able to communicate clear recommendations to developers.
• Experience managing logs, queues, and pub/sub technologies.
• Experience with Kafka, Cassandra, and Neo4j
• Understanding of GraphQL and ideas on how to implement and even improve.
• Experience with multiple encryption protocols and open source data encryption standards.


• Assess our dev requirements and design data schema standards for developers.
• Deploy cloud-hosted database engines for developers to use in product development.
• Protect and secure data read/write access across all system including employee access.
• Write tests for our database systems; assessing scalability, performance, and availability.

API Engineer


• Experience designing REST APIs.
• Experience with GraphQL and understanding of how Facebook uses it effectively.
• Experience configuring and using Swagger and Postman (or similar tools).
• Experience with multi-level caching and in general optimizing endpoints.
• Experience with end-to-end encrypted systems.
• Familiarity with peer-to-peer stream best practices.


• Design and implement APIs for a variety of use cases.
• Assess risk mitigation of dependancies on 3rd party APIs.
• Build end-to-end encrypted channels using open-source protocols.
• Implement and test the performance of peer-to-peer data streams.

Infrastructure Engineer


• Experience creating AWS Cloud Formation templates.
• Experience and passion for distributed computing (blockchain, P2P, etc.)
• Understand and use best practices in security and anti-surveillance.


• Design infra plan.
• Implement auto-deployment.
• Test network resiliency.
• Advise on new project architecture.
• Build and maintain deployment tools for dev teams.