Vision is Everything

Aztrana is a Swiss artificial intelligence company that helps you take control of your world and interact with it like never before. Our vision is to teach it how to understand and serve so that every person can live in a world that was designed just for them.

Branded for Life

NAME - 'Aztrana' means ‘live beyond the status quo’. It's derived from the Greek ‘Ázōn’ (unrestricted) and Latin ‘Transcendere’ (rise above limits).

SYMBOL - Our logo is a marriage between water and fire. One represents life in harmony, while the other represents inextinguishable knowledge and curiosity. Together, they embody the human spirit and our ethos.

SLOGAN - We need to be willing to constantly evolve and never ever be satisfied with today in order to design tomorrow. Our slogan is a tribute to humanity's relentless pursuit of knowledge that pushes us all beyond.

Our Values

Diversity & Inclusion

Aztrana is for everyone.

Privacy, Security, Transparency

Aztrana's holy trinity.

All for One, One for All

Trust each other to take the lead.

Mad Resilience

The key to everything.

Don't Do Nothing

See something broken? Fix it!

Embrace Remote

Work around the world.

Join the Crew

When you do what you love, you don't work a day in your life. And when you get to do it with talented and invigorating people from around the world, you create excellence. Our vision at Aztrana is our greatest passion and our diversity is our greatest strength.