All in ONE for All

Aztrana's flagship product synchronizes your life, apps, and devices in one ecosystem for the first time. It combines the services you love and personalizes the world around you to bring you the content and experiences you need whenever you need them wherever you go. Ambit is the operating system for your life powered by artificial intelligence.

Unify Your Life

Every relationship is unique. Instead of using multiple platforms and setting up numerous profiles to manage them, create environments or 'Ambits' for each part of your life and interact with everyone naturally. Then you can integrate apps and devices to use them together with your family, friends, colleagues, and community wherever you go.

This family is managing their home together through Ambit. They control their smart TV, tell their speakers what to play, keep the house warm, and share memorable experiences securely. All through one, simple app.

Connect Your Apps

Today, we have to install countless apps to access the simple tools we need every day and end up drowning in information. Through Aztrana's open API, publishers can bring their services into your Ambits and let you use them with whomever you like without installing anything.

This teacher has set up separate Ambits for each of her classrooms and integrated educational apps tailored for different groups of  students. Ambit is enabling them to learn collaboratively and allowing her to control the entire experience from the palm of her hand.

Collaborate Instantly

Teams use Ambit to work seamlessly. They integrated Dropbox to share files, SketchTogether to mockup concepts, and Invision to create prototypes. Communicating and creating together has never been easier.

Serve Intelligently

Aztrana provides a single pane of glass solution through which businesses can foster one-on-one relationships with their customers. Our suite of contextual tools help personalise products and create unique experiences driven by AI to foster loyalty and long term growth.

This restaurant is managing its business and relationship with customers. They imported their menu and services into Ambit, allowing us to personalize their offerings for every customer.

Live in Sync

Via is your proactive assistant. It evolves as you evolve, shares everything it learns with you, and puts you in control of its encrypted knowledge. It personalizes the world around you and adapts to your tastes. Stop searching. Let what you need find you!