Don't Wait Create

At Aztrana, the world is your canvas and you get to redesign it every day. While most fight to be #1, we strive to be the only one through vision coupled with unbelievable resilience. Come tackle the greatest challenges of your career and help develop a smarter world.

We're Hiring

Zug Switzerland

Aztrana is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland's most affluent and business-friendly canton. This beautiful city safeguards our vision against foreign entities with some of the strongest privacy and security regulations in the world.

Prague Czech Republic

Prague's beauty rivals Paris, its history goes back a millennium, and good luck finding better beer anywhere else. Aztrana's primary branch is located in the heart of the city's tech hub, uniting talent from across central Europe.

Yerevan Armenia

Few nations have histories and cultures as ancient, rich and resilient as Armenia. While Aztrana is a Swiss company, its vision was born in the heart of Yerevan. Our second branch hosts talent from across the stunning Caucasus.

Our Culture

Working at Aztrana is not a job, but a full-time hobby that we live and breathe. We are creating something exceptional, learning at an incredible pace and being paid well for it. Here's what we're looking for in our future team members:

You Create Impact

You accomplish great results and demonstrate consistent performance.

You Value the Truth

You are direct, quick to admit mistakes and you cannot stand office politics.

You Are Relentless

You ignore what's easy and love tackling the biggest, baddest challenges.

You Are a Born Innovator

You challenge existing solutions and propose new ones. You simplify things.

You Care About Your Team

You do your best work when working in a team and push them to achieve their best.

You Eat What You Kill

You believe that great performance should come with generous compensation.